Simon HoggThe clever monkey is Simon Hogg.

Simon has worked in digital media for over ten years. He is an experienced all-round digital communications specialist and has tried his hand at just about every aspect of online activity, from setting up webservers and managing site launches, through copyediting and content creation to moderating busy online forums.

Simon’s passion is accessible digital comunications. He has advised central government departments in all aspects of creating accessible communications and has presented to leaders in the field as well as running bespoke workshops for staff.

He offers pragmatic, practical advice focussed on positive steps aimed at improving the way you work and increasing the reach of your communications.

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Random Testimonial

  • ~ Lizzie Bruce, Online writer and website information architect

    "Simon has a deep knowledge of accessibility. After working with him I called on his advice in my next role and fed it into the 2010 restructure of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website. He's extremely enthusiastic about his work and is great at driving projects forward to achieve success, as can be seen from his history of surpassing targets in his current role at ODI. A marvellous talent to have on a digital team, Simon will be a strength to your organisation. He is also great to work with and has a really positive approach."

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  • @fionacoach rain and more rain. Forcing me to actually get down to the many things I've been putting off lately tho! 2012-06-12
  • Seems to be far too many people who think the intarwebs is run by magic pixies who will promote your site if you only wish hard enough... 2012-06-12
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